Using a Quartz Banger Carb Cap

Quartz club bangers are known to retain heat, and using them with a carb cab is the perfect combination. You will notice the full flavor from your concentrate. Keep reading for more information on using carb caps correctly and how to get your timing right.

quartz banger carb cap

Banger Carb Cap

Wax has taken over the cannabis industry in the recent years and it’s still going strong. Many states are finally legalizing the use of medical marijuana, giving many more people access to cannabis extracts. As opposed to smoking weed, dabbing let’s you get a quicker and more powerful high. You can also enjoy the full taste from your cannabis extracts without the harsh smoke.

Seasoning your banger nail prepares it for dabbing cannabis extracts. Make sure to cover the inside of your banger nail dish with cannabis extracts and let it vaporize off. Using reclaim can save you some cash if you’d rather not use any of your oil.

Don’t overheat your club banger nail! Quartz bangers heat up quickly and are popular because they retain heat for an extended amount of time. If the quartz banger is red hot, let it cool down until it returns to its normal state before you attempt to dab. Remember that in order to get a low temp hit your oil must vaporize, not burn off, when it touches the quartz club banger.

Get more control of your temperature with a carb cap. After you get your timing right, it is now time to add your club banger carb cap into the picture. Place your carb cap on your quartz club banger once it has cooled. This will trap in the existing heat.

Using a club banger is recommended since they are known to hold heat well. And that is how you take a low temp hit. Pinpoint your temperature by using an enail.

New dabbers are most likely to vaporize at a high temperature. By using a carb cap, you vaporize all the cannabis extract in your banger. Keep an eye on how hot your club banger gets. Using an extension can help reduce the amount of stress applied to the joint.

Don’t apply your extract if your quartz banger dish is still too hot. Anywhere from three to four hundred degrees should be a perfect temperature. New trends appear every week in the cannabis community. A low temperature and a carb cap are crucial for low temperature dabs.

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