The Scoop on Solventless Wax

solventless oil

Cannabis smokers around the world being turned on to the marijuana extracts. Even though some forms of concentrates, such as hash, have existed for quite some time the decriminalization of marijuana has brought other forms of extracts out into the market.

Butane and CO2 are two popular solvents used to obtain these extracts. The marijuana community has been taken aback by the new flood of “dabbers”.

Cannabis users are making the switch to concentrates once they see the difference in potency. Unlike smoking pot, BHO extracts can reach high levels of purity when it comes to THC content. Just a small “dab” off your oil rig is enough to feel medicated in minutes. When properly purged, BHO is an excellent way to consume marijuana. The trick is purging it right.

So should you make the switch over from butane has oil to solventless? Different people have conflicting opinions. Some say it beats solvent based extracts in terms of purity and taste, while others see at as just another form of concentrate. Our take is that as long as the extract has been purged properly, there should be absolutely nothing to worry about. No solvent should remain in the finished product.

Most extract artists are trained in the art of purging. If you are buying your medicine in a reputable shop from a known source then you are good to go. The real problem occurs when buying it off the street from amateurs who make it at home without the proper equipment.  Some have even caused explosion in their homes when blasting the cannabis, leading to bad publicity for the medical marijuana community.


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