710 Life Enail Review

710 Life Enail Review

The 710 Life Enail has to be one of the more affordable enail kits on the market. It allows you to get the full experience of dabbing on an e-nail with temperatures that can reach up to 1200 degrees F.

With it you can dab your concentrate at your desired temperature without having to re-heat it.

The rubber feet  on the bottom helps the enail stay still when in use. It features a 150 watt heating system and the power cord comes separate. The temperature I prefer to set it at is around 680 to 690.

You can go lower if you want to use a carb cap or for low temperature dabs.


Easy to use Enail Kit

The temperature box saves your last temperature so when you turn it on again it will heat up to it. You can use the up and down arrows to change the temperature on the digital screen.

It includes 2 titanium nails that can fit all types of dab rigs, male or female. As well as including a 20mm coil for your nail.

Final Verdict on 710 Life Enail

In the end, the 710 Life enail gets an A in my book. It comes with everything you need to get started dabbing at a fair price point.


Best Enail Kit to Buy in 2017 (under $150)


Enails or electric nails for dabbing , are coming up quick in the cannabis world and it’s easy to see why. You get full control of your dabbing temperature, perfect for low temp hits. In the long run the benefits outweigh the initial cost. Full hits without any wasted oil sounds good doesn’t it?

You can finally put your torch down and step your dabbing game up. Just attach your coil to your nail and put the temperature up. It saves you on the cost of buying butane since it runs on electricity. You can use it on any of your oil rigs and enjoy all the tasty terps.

Jauyu Enail Professional Intelligent Temperature PID Controller Aromatherapy Kits(20mm Titanium Nail)

What’s the best temperature to set it at?

Everyone has a different temperature that they go by. Personally I like to keep it at around 750 degrees F. You can put it up more if you’re going for bigger hits. If you want to see your oil bubble up go ahead and turn it down a bit. Use a carb cap for those really low temp hits for full flavor.

710 Life PRO Aromatherapy Diffuser – Award Winner

So where can I get an e-nail kit?

To be honest everything came in handy, especially the carb cap.

I’ve had mine for over a year now with absolutely no problem. I even switched to a quartz banger enail and it still works perfectly.


best enal hit

Changing the temperature is pretty easy. Just press down on either the up or down button on the enail box until you reach a temperature you’re comfortable with. Give it a couple of seconds to heat up and you’re ready to go! Enails tend to fully vaporize all your extract evenly without burning it.

Give it a couple of seconds to heat up and you’re ready to go! Enails tend to fully vaporize all your extract evenly without burning it.

PID Temperature Controller with Quartz Parts